Spray Tanning

Mistair Spray tanning in BrightonSun……who needs it?  Introducing the perfect spray tan from Mistair.

Spray Tan £25.00
2 or more people coming together £20 each

We absolutely love the Mistair spray tan.  It is a new product that was launched into the UK market in 2012, and we are very proud to be one of the first salons that offered this fabulous product.  It creates such a natural, flawless finish that lasts extremely well and fades evenly, especially if followed by the correct aftercare procedures.  It is set to be a market leader in the spray tanning market.  Come and give it a try, we know that you will love it.

How does it work?

Spray Tan is applied to the skin using a low pressured gun.  The solution contains DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) which clings to the surface skin cells.  The tan last for around 5 – 10 days.

Is is safe?

Yes, it is very safe.  It is advisable to have a patch test 24 – 48 hours prior to the tanning procedure, just in case of any reactions.

What if I’m allergic or have sensitive skin?

We cannot recommend a patch test enough!

Who shouldn’t get a tan?

The only people who should avoid being spray tanned is women who are pregnant (in the first trimester only). Or if you have asthma.  If you do have any concerns and wish to discuss it, please contact us

Is there an age limit?

Anybody under 16 requires parental permission to have spray tanning.  They would also need to be chaperoned.

What if my skin is dry?

DHA is known to have a drying effect on the skin.  We recommend the use of Mistair Moisturising Balm the night before treatment, along with exfoliating.  Also regularly moisturising after the tan will help keep the skin moist and prolong the life of the tan.

Does the spray tan contain any SPF?

Mistair tan does not contain any sun protection, so this would need to be applied separately, especially if in strong sunlight.

Does it smell?

All spray tans that contain DHA do have a characteristic smell.  Mistair contains neutralizing agents that help to combat this, and therefore is very subtle and not unpleasant.

What do I wear?

We recommend you wear loose, dark clothing and preferably flip flops on the feet.  All jewellery will need to be removed.

Will I need to do anything before my tan?

We do recommend that you do not have any other tanning procedures in the 7 days prior to the treatment.  Good exfoliation the night before using Mistair Exfoliating Body Wash is important to help remove any dead skin cells, and therefore prolong the life of the tan.  Pay particular attention to hard skin areas, such as knees, elbows, ankles and feet.

Moisturising with Mistair Moisturising Balm the night before will help moisturise the skin, but please avoid the use of any deodorants, body oils, perfumes etc on the day of the treatment.

What will happen during my spray tan?

When you arrive you will be given a little time to change into whatever you feel most comfortable in.  We do provide disposable underwear if you are happy with this.  You will need to remove all jewellery, make-up, deodorant etc as this will affect the outcome of the tan.

You will be asked to step into the spray tan tent facing the rear.  You will then be guided through a series of moves to ensure that the spray tan is applied to all areas and is even.  The procedure will be repeated twice.  You will then be dried and asked to get dressed into your loose, dark clothes.  We will talk you through how to look after your tan, before you leave the Studio.

How long will the process last?

The tanning process should last between 10 – 20 mins.  

Will I have to get naked?

Only if you feel comfortable with this.  You will also be provided with disposable underwear, so that you can protect your modesty if you prefer.

Will it rub off on to my clothes?

The tan that goes on during the procedure is a guide colour only so that we can see where the tan has been applied.  some of this may rub off onto your clothes, which is why it is advisable to wear loose, dark clothes.  Howver this should wash out.  We do advice cotton rather than synthetic materials to be worn.

What colour will I be?

This does depend on your natural skin tones and what level of spray tan we decide to use.   The darker your own skin tones, then the darker the tan will be.  We will consult with you prior to the procedure to ensure that we get the look that you are hoping to achieve.  The initial colour is a guide colour only, not the actual tan.  The tan takes 6 – 12 hours to develop.  You can shower after 6 hours, though we do recommend that it is left on overnight.

Will I go orange?

Mistair spray tan contains Aloe Vera which does counteract the orange tones that can occur with some tanning products.  We will also consult with you prior to the procedure taking place to ensure that we choose the right level of DHA.

What happens if I inhale it?

DHA products have been proven to be completely safe.  However, we recommend that you don’t inhale too deeply.  You will be advised on how to breathe during the procedure.  Adequate extraction is provided in the Studio, which is essential when performing any spray tan procedure.

How long will my tan last?

This depends on how you look after the tan, and your natural cellular turnover.  Typically a tan last from 5 – 7 days.

How do I make my spray tan last longer?

You can extend the life of your tan by moisturising daily with Mistair Moisturising Balm.  Once fading has begun to occur, you can boost your tan by using Mistair Moisturising Balm with Tan Extender.  To allow your tan to breakdown evenly, remember to start the exfoliation process after the 4th day using Mistair Exfoliating Body Wash.