Female waxing

Hollywood and Brazilian Female Waxing, BrightonWaxing is a quick and effective temporary hair removal system.

At Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty we use a roller cream wax which is gentle on the skin, yet highly effective at removing hairs. Peelable or Hot wax is be used on the more sensitive areas which is even gentler on the skin whilst maintaining a strong hold on those more stubborn hairs! The skin is treated post waxing with high quality creams which help prevent ingrowing hairs and strong regrowth.

Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty specialises in Intimate waxing including the Brazilian and the Hollywood. We have received formal training in this type of waxing from the Wax Queen herself, Kim Lawless. Peelable wax is the only type of wax that is used in these areas. Beware of salons who offer strip wax on intimate areas if you want to keep them intact, and those who have had no official training!  Without training they are not approved to be doing these treatments!

Female Brazilian and Hollywood waxingTestimonials

I always love to go to Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio.  I can have a good chin wag while having a Brazilian. I have never found a Beauty Salon before that is as clean, friendly and that I always walk away really happy with the service I receive. She is always so thorough with the treatments provided. It’s a comfortable place to get my lady bits waxed!

Thanks Sarah for such a fantastic service!

Hannah Jackson

Waxing for Women – Frequently Asked Questions

Why wax?

Waxing provides for a smooth finish with slow, softer regrowth. Shaving can cause itching and stubble. Other reasons depend on the individual, but can include:
• More hygienic, cleaner and reducing body odour
• Because you like it
• Because your partner likes it

How long does it last?

It depends on the individual, but treatments are usually every 4 – 6 weeks.

What does waxing involve?

A combination of methods are used. Warm, strip wax which is applied with a roller is applied to larger areas. For more intimate areas then peelable or Hot wax is used that shrink wraps the hairs and provides for a really effective treatment that is more comfortable for the skin whilst thoroughly removing even quite short hairs

Will it hurt?

It’s a good question as there is an ugly rumour going around that it does. We can’t promise that you won’t feel anything, but the sensation is very quick and is tolerated by most people well. We have had formal training in this area so you are in safe hands. After the treatment some redness and sensitivity can be often be felt, but if you follow the correct aftercare advice then these normally subside very quickly.

What do I need to do prior to waxing taking place?

Showering before your appointment is preferable. The area can also be exfoliated between treatments to help remove dead skin and prevent ingrowing hairs. The hairs need to be at least 5mm long, so please don’t shave or use depilatory creams for 3 weeks before waxing. We can trim the hairs if necessary.
Loose fitting clothing and clean cotton underwear if having intimate waxing is preferable to allow the skin to breath and avoid rubbing

How long will the treatment take?

Treatment times vary depending on the amount of hair and the area being treated. Shortest times being 15 minutes for eyebrows, up to an hour for a full Brazilian. It does get quicker and easier the more treatments that you have.

What is the aftercare?

• Avoid all heat for 24-48 hours following treatment – i.e. no hot baths/showers, avoid sunbathing/sunbeds, no saunas/steamrooms, no exercise
• Avoid swimming for 24-48 hours
• No fragranced body creams or similar products
• Antiseptic cream (can be purchased from the Studio) is recommended post treatment for a few days to help soothe and heal the skin
• Ingrowing hairs can be assisted by the use of exfoliators and creams (can be purchased from the Studio if required)

How much does it cost?

The pricing structure depends on the amount of hair to be removed.

What is Brazilian waxing?

Brazilian waxing for women removes hair from the intimate areas. The hair is removed from the groin, labia, buttocks and anal area. You can have as much or as little removed depending on your personal preference and the price altered accordingly.

Will I have to remove my underwear?

Intimate waxing can’t be done with underwear on, otherwise we tend to have a fight with it! We aim to ensure that you are put at your ease and alleviate anxiety.

Please feel free to contact Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio by phone or email if you have any questions that you would like to ask or would like to make an appointment


Top lip or chin £7.25
Top lip & chin £11.50
Eyebrows £10.00
Nose £10.00
Underarms using peelable wax £15.00
Half arm £13.00
Full arm £18.50
Half leg £17.00
Half leg & bikini (peelable on bikini) £28.50
3/4 leg £22.00
3/4 leg & bikini (peelable on bikini) £34.50
Full leg £27.50
Full leg & bikini (peelable on bikini) £40.00
Intimate waxing prices using peelable wax
The Basic instinct – standard bikini wax removing hair from the sides, inner thigh area up to the pant line £10 – £20
The Half Way Brazil – high sides, top and underneath £20 – £30
The G-String – high sides, top and buttocks (including crack) £25 – £30
The Brazilian – Everything off including hair on inner labia region and buttocks except a small strip £30 – £40
The Hollywood – this removes it all! £35 – £45