Ear Piercing

ear piercing in BrightonSarah Hurst Skin & Beauty uses the revolutionary Inverness Ear Piercing system that provides for quick easy and comfortable ear piercing.  The Inverness system offers a patented system for the ultimate in safety, comfort and sterility.

The earrings are completely encapsulated in sterile packaging so that you can be assured of their sterility at all times.  This sterile capsule is the only part of the system to come into contact with the ear during the piercing process.

It is of our greatest concern here in The Studio that we ensure the protection of you and those who you are responsible for.

A comprehensive range of earrings are available for you to choose from, which includes 24K gold plate,  14K yellow or white gold.

Children welcome, as long as they are able to agree to the procedure.

Price includes earrings, piercing and aftercare solution


Ear piercing From £10.00