The Power of Beauty Treatments

The Power of Beauty Treatments

There is a popular misconception that beauty treatments either performed at home or in a salon make you vain and shallow as a person. However the psychological power of these treatments goes much, much deeper than just about how the person looks, but affects how they feel about themselves. If psychologically debilitating conditions, then this can cause them to feel so unconfidentĀ  with their appearance that it might prevent them from going out, getting a job, making friends etc. It has also been known to affect someone so deeply that they became suicidal.

Results driven beauty treatments such as skincare and supplements that really do improve the skin at a cellular level or electrolysis that removes the hair permanently from a ladies face improves the confidence and lives of many people. So many times I have heard a client say that once they have had their facial hair removed that they can face people with confidence and not talk from behind their hand that they use to cover themselves. All of these things along with wearing clothes that we love, having a fabulous hair style, all improve our level of confidence so much that our personality starts to shine through. I always remember watching the episode of ’10 years younger’ when the woman involved became so confident that she changed her life completely by leaving an unhappy relationship and move abroad for a work position that was going to further her career. She was so happy and confident.

If people have some of these visual conditions, it not only can affect them getting a job because of their lack of self confidence, but because others can perceive them to be ‘not the right image’, although this wouldn’t be openly admitted. It has been shown that pretty people are far more successful in gaining jobs.

So if you are thinking about visiting a salon to address any issue that is of concern to you, don’t feel intimidated or worry about what people may think. This could be the start of a new life with the new, confident you. It’s the most liberating and powerful feeling.


Facing up to the facial hair problem.

Facial electrolysis with Sarah Hurst has been incredibly effective for me. I am a 40 year old female who chose to opt for electrolysis as I had a mass of thick, dense black hairs covering my chin, jaw line, neck, and upper and lower lip. I called it my beard. I used to have to shave every morning and again in the evening if I was going out. I hated bumping into people I knew in bright daylight as I knew they could probably see stray hairs that I had missed or even stubble if it was late in the day. It really affected my self esteem and it made me feel so unattractive.

I had tried to get help before to treat the facial hair problem, investing in 6 Laser Light hair removalĀ  sessions at another salon but they only temporarily lessened the problem, and the hairs came back worse than ever and made me feel as if I was a hopeless case. Approaching my 40th birthday after living with this embarrassing problem for so long, I felt so desperate that I made it my goal to find someone who could help me to address the problem. This time I researched it more thoroughly and the results indicated that electrolysis might be more helpful and yield a more permanent result than IPL. The shame I felt was a really big obstacle to getting help as were financial restraints.

Another issue was that I do not tend to go to beauty therapists as part of my usual routine and felt nervous at the thought of walking in to somewhere where I might be judged for letting the problem get so bad. Nor did I want to go somewhere right in town as I felt so embarrassed about the severity of my problem and it helped that Sarah’s salon was tucked away out of the town centre. The staff were all really understanding and that made such a difference. No one gasped in shock and they made me feel normal.

After the first session I noticed a difference, it restored my hope and after several sessions I noticed a huge improvement. With weekly 30 minute sessions Sarah cleared my beard within a month and I went from shaving twice a day to not needing to shave at all between my weekly treatments. I was not expecting that to be the case at all. I thought it would take an age to have any impact on my terrible facial hair but amazingly the hairs got a lot thinner after a really short time. There were also a lot less hairs and they took much longer to grow back than before. In the space of 1 month I cannot believe how different I look and feel. There is a really significant difference that I was not expecting, my facial hair has drastically lessened more than I ever thought possible. I can hold my head up high and I don’t feel the same level of shame and self-consciousness I used to feel.

I am writing this to help others who may feel hopeless about their facial hair problem I want to say with the right help and the correct treatment it is possible to drastically reduce a facial hair problem. I am still being treated for stray hairs here and there but my facial problem is nothing like it used to be. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has a facial hair problem even if like me you feel it is too bad to face.