What treatments do men have done in a Beauty Salon

The most popular treatment for men in the Beauty Salon is hair removal, mainly by waxing.  Only a few years ago, this would have stopped at the back, with some brave soles opting to have chests and abdomens done as well.  It was mainly men who participated in sports who would opt for these more extreme ways to keep themselves smooth in the hope of gaining those few extra seconds that make make all the difference whether they won or lost.  Now however, we have a seen a new era of male grooming, not only by sports people but by everyone as men become more appearance conscious and want to make the most of themselves.  And why not?  Why should a Beauty Salon only be used by women?  Men should be able to want to make the most of themselves as well, as all these treatments can improve our confidence, whether we are male or female.

Waxing doesn’t just stop with the back.  Men are opting these days to have their “intimate” areas waxed too.  As the female waxing industry moved forward in the realms of Hollywoods and Brazilians, so now has the male waxing industry.  You might think that perhaps it’s only gay men who opt for this area of grooming, but you would be very much mistaken.  Men are often encouraged by wives or girlfriends to have waxing done, or some just like to have it done for hygiene reasons and the feeling of being smooth.

So what other treatments are popular?  Skin treatments are gaining popularity, particularly if they can provide real results for existing skin conditions. This can include facials and proper skincare for home as well as Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for removal of thread veins, skin tags and other skin blemishes. Massage for relaxation, or for pain conditions and injuries.  Eyebrow grooming and also manicures and pedicures.  No treatment now is considered to abnormal for men to receive.  We love the growth of male grooming and are expecting and upward growth in this trend over the next few years.  So if this new to you, yet you would love to give it a try, don’t be scared, just make an appointment to come along.  We are positive you will love the end results.male facial in brighton

Male waxing Brighton

Pregnancy Massage now being offered here

Sophie has advanced her massage skills by training with Jing Advanced Massage Institute in pregnancy massage.  This isn’t just about massaging someone’s bump, this is about helping the body during a stressful time when it is carrying extra weight!  The back in particular, but Sophie can concentrate on any area that you feel needs attention and therefore can be adapted for you!  Massage isn’t dangerous during pregnancy, in fact it can be extremely beneficial, done properly and with care and consideration.  It can be difficult to lie in certain positions, and it is important to ensure that you feel comfortable and supported at all times.  Please see our pregnancy massage page for more information on the benefits of this specialised massage .

Pregnancy Massage in Brighton

Myofascial Release Massage

Fascia in the bodyI would like to begin this blog with explaining to you what Fascia is, and then you should understand how important it is to have these techniques incorporated into massage to help alleviate pain and postural conditions. Fascia is the soft tissue component of connective tissue within our bodies. In other words our collagen and elastin fibres that are intricately woven throughout our whole body. It also consists of a mucousy ground substance. Fascia weaves through our bodies like a spider web and if all our organs, bones, blood vessels and everything else in our bodies were to be removed, with the exception of fascia, then we would be left with a complete representation of ourselves, even down to the expression on our face! It is a continuous network.

Normally fascia can stretch and relax, but adhesions can occur for a number of reasons. These can include postural imbalances, emotional traumas, or injuries, either by accidents, illnesses or RSI injuries. These adhesions can cause affect other parts of the body due to the continuous nature of the fascia.

I could talk about this fascinating subject for hours, and I would hope that you would find it equally as interesting as it really is the amazing feature of the human body. However let’s look at Myofascial massage techniques and how this can help release many pain conditions that you may be experiencing. These can include chronic and acute pain, fibromyalgia, ME, pelvic and menstrual problems, IBS, headaches and sports injuries.

Practitioners of Myofascial Release use a ‘listening touch’ to feel subtle restrictions in the movement of fascial tissues. This involves tuning in to the body and following what it is telling us. The body leads and the practioner follows. No oils are normally used as this kind of palpation is not possible if the hands glide over the skin. Traction on the skin is required as tissues are slowly and gently pulled, pushed and stretched.

Techniques such as skin rolling, stretching, pulling of limbs, cranial work, visceral manipulation (myofascial relases for the organs) are used in this magical and exciting massage. One of my favourites is the cross hand stretch where we slowly sink into the fascia and wait for the body to lead us through the tissues, releasing adhesions as the pressure and stretch is maintained. This type of massage shouldn’t be painful, but it can certainly be deep and is worked with intent.

If you have pain conditions and you don’t know what to do to help releave it, then please do consider looking at myofascial release. I think that you will be amazed at the power it has.Cross hand stretch

How to successfully treat a wide range of skin conditions – is beauty really only skin deep?

How to successfully treat a wide range of skin conditions – is beauty really only skin deep?

Our bodies and skin are unique, with our own genetic make-up and hormones controlling us.  On top of this genetic make-up, we also have environmental and dietary factors that influence and cause many skin conditions, from acne to ageing and sun damage.

When looking for a skin care professional who you trust to take care of your needs and direct you towards an improved skin, then ensure that not one size fits all!!  Ensure that you are offered a full skin analysis/consultation prior to treatments taking place.  This should include looking at what your main concerns are, what skincare you are currently using, what medical history you have along with medications taken, what your diet is like along with supplements taken.  A product range needs to be prescriptive to your requirements, along with looking at supplements internally.  Skincare products, when applied topically at home, are not sufficient to keep our skin in tip top shape, as they will only absorb into our epidermis and not into the dermal layers where our fibroblasts are that play an important part in collagen and elastin production.

So can creams and supplementation really address our skin concerns? Supplementation with quality supplements, designed to address skin needs, is the first place to start.  This gets through to the deeper layers of the skin and feeds from within.  This doesn’t replace the need however for quality skincare, and the skin also needs to be fed externally and to protect it from free radical damage from the environment.

There are important ingredients to look for if you want to get your skin in tip top shape.  Plant extracts are not always the key ingredients as is commonly believed.  Since when does your skin consist of plant extracts?  Ingredients required in cosmetics (or cosmeceuticals – a cross between a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical) need to be of a medical grade quality and consist of ingredients that are found in the skin itself.  These are ingredients such as Vitamin A (Retinal Palmitates and Retinal Acetates), Vitamin C and Hyalauronic Acids to mention a few.  Vitamin A in particular is medically proven to repair cell DNA and therefore reverse the effects of free radical damage.  It is commonly used in medical treatments for acne, such as Roaccutane, but these can also have damaging side effects.  It is ideal in a form that is naturally found in the skin so it works in synergy.

We could talk on about this for hours, as treating skin is a real passion of the Studio.  However, on a parting note, also consider make-up, as many make-ups contain talcs, fillers and irritable dies, that congest the skin and have detrimental effects.  Mineral make-up of high quality contain sunscreens to protect our skin from UVA and AVB, along with anti-inflammatory ingredients, pure pigments and no fillers whatsoever.

What is the difference between female Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing?

What is the difference between female Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing?

Female Brazilian and Hollywood waxing

Waxing has developed over the years.  Back in the 80’s when Sarah first qualified, all clients wanted was a tidy up round the bikini line area.  Now more and more clients are requesting more extreme waxing in their efforts to become hair free.  If you are thinking of embarking down the line of an ‘intimate’ wax, their are plenty of terms being used to describe the various different waxing styles that you can embrace.  How do you know which one is right for you?

It really does depend on your own preference, and there is no right or wrongs here.  We have developed some images to try and portray the different styles, but you should always consult with your therapist about what you are after.  Always expect to receive a thorough consultation and the start of your treatment, and ask whatever questions you need to in order to ensure that you are going to get exactly what you are seeking.

Typically a Hollywood wax takes all the hair off from the pubic mound, labial and buttock cheek and crack area.  A Brazilian wax is actually very similar, however it does leave a small ‘strip’ over the pubic mound.  Now a strip isn’t for everyone, and we have seen more people requesting that this a more triangular rather than a strip to make it a little more natural.  This is perfectly fine.  Not one style suits all, this is your pubic area and you should be able to have it ‘designed’ anyway you choose.  You can have as much or as little hair as you want removed form whatever areas.

On a final note, when looking for a therapist for your waxing procedure please check that they have been trained in intimate waxing procedures and that the salon uses hot or peelable wax.  NEVER accept strip wax on these delicate parts!  Also ensure their hygiene standards are good.  A new spatula should be used for each and every application, and not put back into the pot.  Would you want wax on you that you know had been near someone elses ‘bits’?

New Loyalty Scheme

Exciting News that we are now bringing in a  Loyalty Scheme here at Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio.  When you come in you will be given a key ring tag that you can bring with you each time.  The points are provided on product purchases and on recommending a friend to the Studio.  The following outlines the main terms and conditions of the scheme:

  • 1 point per £ spent on products
  • 100 Points for each new client referred to Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio
  • Free Reward from Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio will be a service that you have not previously purchased
  • Free Reward must be claimed in conjunction with a paid service
  • Free Reward’s valid Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm ONLY
  • Free Reward’s will only be offered if there is necessary availability
  • Use of the card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions
  • This card remains the property of Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio

Jing Advanced Massage Training for Sophie

19th September 2012

Sophie went on a 3 day training course last weekend to begin her Advanced Massage training.  This has really brought another dimension to her techniques and can now work slowly and deeply, using trigger point and myofascial techniques alongside deep tissue and stretching work.  This is really exciting and the start of a new journey.

Hair V Go training

17th September 2012

The 3 of us went on training last Wednesday for the Hair V Go treatment.  We are really excited to be offering this treatment, as there isn’t anything like it around.  So many people hate downy hair and now we have a solution for managing this.  Come and give it a go, we have it at the special offer rate of £45 for a full face and £20 for smaller areas.

New Web Site

Our web site has been re-developed to allow us to keep you more up to date with the latest news, events and special offers.